Monday, October 24, 2011

Make your own stress reliefs

Again sorry people i was so busy the last two weeks. Work was hectic (super good sign) Plus i'm keeping busy with my cousin's wedding and at last but not least, i finally did it! Yes i started to sell my jewellery to other people than my friends and family. See before nobody knew because i was pretty happy in my comfort zone, not taking the risk to be criticized or feel the pressure of having to impress or please people then someone made me remember that i actually like risks. I like to get out of my comfort zone. I always felt that people would think that i'm just trying to monopolize attention; ' She was a model, then an actress then a this, then a that and now she is creating jewellery' I got the feedback that a lot of people actually think that but at the end of the day, who cares?? If i'm enjoying doing that and if i get the chance to make one or two people happy then cool! It was good remembering that so the last two weeks after 9 hours work i went back home and worked on my jewellery and i stock them at Piment Boutique at belle-Rose. I'm pretty proud of myself, they look quite cute on their little display. So yeah, pop by when you have time.

So during these two weeks i thought, the next theme has got to be on stress remedies. Then while doing my little jewellery i had time to ponder on this word; STRESS! it's actually quite a STRESSFUL word when you think of it! See before people were sad, anxious, nervous, busy, under pressure, depressed now they are just STRESSED! Words are only spoken by mankind and there is a reason for us having the right to use this powerful tool so why are we using it so carelessly! The moment someone says ''I am stressed' It gives them a good excuse for acting like an ass!
I think the best remedy is to use the proper word in the appropriate situation. Instead of saying '' I'm sorry for shouting at you, i am pretty stressed'' how about changing it to ''i am a bit under pressure'' or i am a bit tired or sad or whatever. I think the words stressed would be a stigmata, or self inflicted sado mazo phenomenon. Like instead of saying i am tired you would use Stressed meaning that it can be anything in the following recorded symptoms :
Physical Symptoms
- Changes in sleep patterns
- Changes in digestion -Nausea, vomitting, diarrhea
-Loss of sexual Drive
-Palpitation/Missing heartbeats
-Dizziness, sweating and trembling

Mental lapses
Lack of concentration
-Memory laspses
-Difficulty in taking decisions
-Panic attacks

Behavioral symptoms
- Appetite changes
-eating disorders
-increased smoking
- nail-biting
- fidgeting

Emotional symptoms

-Bouts of depression
-Impatience or irritability
- Fits of rage
-Deterioration in personal hygiene and appearance

Are you with me? Do you get what i'm trying to say? What i mean is that the Monster invading our world, Mr Stress, must have been invented by a very lazy doctor who found it easier to categorize anything and every thing under one single topic that would give therapist a lot of money! Like when you go to a Doctor and say i have this and that they would put their pen in their mouth, look into the emptiness for a while, scribble something that only pharmacist understand and then look at you with wise small eyes and say ''YOU ARE STRESSED'' kiching kiching Rs500 thanks for your visit babye!
Ok I am probably a bit mean here... One should not say mean things about Doctors because they studied a lot and save a lot of lives. Plus they've got big houses and big cars!

What i mean is that, if we change our words a bit and pretend for a second that the word Stress does not exist, don't you think that already makes you feel a lot better. Instead of saying i am stressed just say i am sad, i have a lot of work, i am nervous about my exams. Don't you think that the fact of saying the word ''sad'' gives you a clue that what you need is something that can make you happy. If you say that you have a lot of work makes you realize that you should take shorter lunch breaks or avoid photocopy break gossips and concentrate on moving on with your work. If you say ''i am stressed'' It could be anything and everything so how would you know how to make it better and most importantly how would your surrounding know how to help you! If you say to your colleague i'm stressed she would just piss off maybe but what if you told her '' i've got a lot of work'' Maybe she will offer you to get lunch for you and bring it to you at the office or make a nice cup of tea for you while she is at it because she knows that you don't have time to go to the mess room and do it yourself. See what i mean? One can't help you if you are not precise and stress is sooooooooooo vague!

Did that help? I hope it did because it would be the ideal remedy but if it didn't here are some other remedies

I cannot give remedies for stress relief because it depends on your case. Instead i'm gonna give you remedies for some other real emotion that society has decided to ignore and give a vulgar name. And yes, stress is not an emotion! In simple biological words, stress is the state of increased arousal necessary for organism to defend itself when faced with danger. It is just the automatic fight-or-flight response in the body activated by adrenaline or other hormones. Ok enough brain wash, solutions now.

Panic attacks
Prepare a blend that you will keep in your handbag and inhale when you have a panic attack. I use it with my dog on new years eve as well, poor thing is stressed by firework sorry what i meant is ''poor thing is scared of fireworks''

You will need
3 drops of Lavender
1 drop of True melissa (ha that's the name of my cousin who is getting married)
2 drops of rose Otto

Blend them all together and put in a dark glass bottle, open and inhale whenever you feel a panic attack. Like shit deadline to submit this project in 2 hours and i havent started yet? Breath the mixture, tell everyone else at the office to shut the fuck up and let you do your work and work hard on it! (P.S i swear a lot but never tell your colleague or your boss to shut the fuck-up ok, pff that's rude)

If you are anxious about something it's a good sign, it means you are alive so relax and take a step back to think of the options. I was stressed Anxious when i was asked to make those jewellery for that shop coz there was money to be invested and all kind of other things but hey, if i don't sow i won't reap! So I prepared this blend for my little workshop and put it in a burner while i worked on my jewelery. You can also inhale it if it's more simple. Just put a drop of the blend on an handkerchief and take a few breaths in an out.

2 drops of May chang
3 drops of Petitgrain
1 drop of ylang ylang.

Blend them together and store in a dark glass bottle.

When you feel under pressure

Since the 8th of January i am Stressed i feel under pressure because My cousin asked me to do the speech at her wedding. I will probably use a glass of champagne or a few tequilas to calm myself down before THE moment but here is a healthier alternative
How about creating your own perfume? that can be fun! all you need is:

15 ml of Vodka
1 drop of fennel
3 drops of Geranium
2 drops of Grapefruit

mix them all together and put in a vaporizer. Here we go madame, you've got your own perfume made by you!

So how's that my darlings? Helpful? Fun? yes? no?

We'll continue with more emotions next week... We'll check-in about depression, insomnia, loss of sexual drive, bitchiness, well everything to help you feel good about life. And remember '' You have the power to attract people by being in the spiritual state of cheerfulness'' So go on smile in the inside. sing a joyful song in your head, whistle, dance and sing when you are in the traffic jam ( not when you are driving because i learn the hard way that mimicking the song it's all so quiete by Bjork is considered as Dangerous driving :-S

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just a quick sorry sorry sorry

Sorry guys havent posted last week and cant again this week...
Sooooo Fooking busy! I've been working like there is no tomorrow and been busy with a personal project after work as well....
Hopefully i'll come up with something next week
again so sooooory

mucha mucha loving